"Ideas for my projects come naturally. Any subject that inspires me as a person and is coherent and suitable for a project is suitable for exploration. My hope is that my art ages well and that I achieve a higher standard in my commercial work through my artistic work."

Tomi Borza, an emerging artist and photographer, has always had diverse interests. He started as a drummer in various bands and explored auteur cinema, literature, and IT. Eventually, his passion for photography took over, leading him to leave engineering studies and pursue it professionally.

Tomi has ventured into online marketing, commercial photography, and even worked for the Romanian Government as a photographer. His unique style gained recognition, inspiring him to further explore his creative side. Currently, he is pursuing a visual arts/photography degree at West University of Timișoara. He is also a "Creative member" of Varadinum Photo Club. His work has been exhibited in prestigious galleries and publications


Exhibitions/Festivals/Artistic activity:

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  • Group Exhibition "Salonul Studențesc de Fotografie", Petroșani, Romania
  • Second prize for picture "SpArt-Nouveau" in the competition "Close to the Heritage", at the Faculty of Arts and Design WUT.
  • Artwork published in book "Ateliere/Studios", by Faculty of Arts and Design WUT, ISBN 972-973-125-973-4
  • Personal Exhibition: "Past to Present"
  • Group Exhibition "Day of Photographic Art in Romania", Varadinum Photo Club, Oradea


  • Group Exhibition "My Romania", Varadinum Photo Club, Oradea
  • Group Exhibition "We are Varadinum", Varadinum Photo Club, 13.01.2021, Oradea
  • "V I Z U A L I A | National Student Visual Arts Festival, Online Edition VI | 2021", one of the 16 participants nationwide.