May 17, 2023

Artwork exhibited @Spanish Parliament


The artwork "SpArt-Nouveau" exhibited @The Spanish Parliament via Faculty of Arts and Design WUT.

Art is nourishment for the spirit, making us more tolerant, better, and helping us evolve. However, it is also a form of communication where words are unnecessary. Photography is an art form that helps us reflect on social issues, our existence, and life in general. It offers us a different perspective on everything that surrounds us. Since the invention of this magical device, photography has served to immortalize the history of humanity, capturing many events, places, and characters on paper. This is what the talented students of the Faculty of Arts at the West University of Timișoara have done: they have captured the essence of this spectacular city, which this year, in 2023, will be dressed in festive attire, receiving the title of European Capital of Culture. And it truly deserves it: it is a symbolic city of the Romanian Revolution of 1989 and a multicultural and multiethnic city, an emblem of freedom and democracy, fundamental European values, as well as the host of a unique cultural heritage in its diversity.

Translated text/Picture Source: Romanian Embassy in Spain FB