July 5, 2023

"RAUSCH" - Exhibition in Stuttgart, Germany


I am grateful to curators Paula Karina Kecsek and Lili Weiss for selecting my work, "1000km away from the frontline," to be exhibited in Stuttgart. It highlights how Ukrainian everyday life is deeply impacted by the detrimental consequences of war, despite the absence of the enemy. I appreciate this amazing opportunity to have my work showcased alongside talented artists. It is truly an honor to be part of such a remarkable exhibition.


Intoxication and art - two legs of the same trousers? Sure, intoxication needs means. Mostly they are poisons. But they don't have to be. Intoxication is also attainable in other ways: high-altitude euphoria (“Höhenrausch”), rapture of the deep (“Tiefenrausch”), compulsive buying (“Kaufrausch”), creative frenzy (“Schaffensrausch”).

For many, work becomes intoxication. It can be an individual, intimate state of free dom and decoupling from prefabricated thought patterns or part of work processes, not only for artists, although the cliché of a positive relationship between intoxication and creativity is commonly asserted. It can also simply be liberation from the burdens of everyday life. Some anthropologists claim that people brewed beer long before they baked bread.

The antithesis of intoxication is reality. And reality often means hangover. Looking at the current world situation, one gets the impression that it is impossible to get out of the hangover feeling. Targeted focusing and letting go in equal measure are therefore thematic points of the project and the concluding exhibition RAUSCH at the Stuttgart gallery KUNSTBEZIRK.

See: https://www.kunstbezirk-stuttgart.de / Instagram: kunstbezirk_rocks


The „RAUSCH“ is always a snapshot. In order to show it as unadulterated and raw as possible, both the workshop and the exhibition are mainly based on the concept of documentary sketchiness, e.g. cell phone photography. Spontaneous. Pure. Fresh.

Text from the call.

Pictures by Lili Weiss, Paula Karina Kecsek