April 22, 2023

Selected for "Silence"@PH21 Gallery, Budapest


"Silence is always conceived against its opposites; sound, noise, loudness. Silence is strongly associated with loneliness and alienation, the unknown and disturbing landscape on the one hand, and the known tranquillity and peace on the other hand. Photographically, the contrast between deep darkness and dazzling light is also decisive. After natural or social catastrophes, everything falls silent; empty cities, villages, abandoned public transport and empty workplaces remind us for the transience and fragility of humankind. Silence is accompanied by quiet activities such as contemplation and meditation, which negate the very nature of action itself. Silence is also often present in still life, cityscapes, portraits, and many other photographic genres."

Text source:PH21 Gallery

I'm glad to announce that my two of my artworks, "Left to rot" and "Fresh air" have been selected to be part of the upcoming "Silence" exhibition@PH21 Gallery in Budapest.

Thanks to the jury and congrats to all participants!

See you there on the 1st of June 2023!

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